AIS Looks Back on 2020, and Forward to 2021!

By Erin Register

Grant Norris

2020 was a year unlike any other. Throughout the ups and downs, Associated Imaging Services (AIS) continued to stay enthusiastically “committed to customer care.” AIS team members Grant Norris, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Mike Shepherd, Vice President of Operations, April Starr, Marketing & Applications Specialist and Tiffani Noble, Sales Representative & Applications Specialist provided some insight into AIS’s 2020 experience through a question-and-answer interview.

Q: What were some 2020 AIS highlights?
Noble: When my coworkers joined me in working from home back in March, we had weekly lunches together via zoom. It was great! I actually got to see everyone more frequently.
Shepherd: The main thing to me was being able to operate during the pandemic and take care of our customers.
Starr: We were able to come together remotely as a company and provide service/applications to all of our customers during a very scary and unknown time. The shutdown did not stop us; it just made us change the way we responded to things.
Norris: Some of the biggest highlights in my mind were being able to adapt to the challenges that were thrown our way and continue to meet the needs of our customers. On top of that, we added quite a few customers to our customer base.

Mike Shepherd

Q: What were some challenges for AIS in 2020?
Shepherd: Dealing with the coronavirus and changing the way we operate, as well as making changes to protect our customers, patients and employees were challenging.
Starr: Finding new ways to connect with our customers while continuing to provide the same level of service they have come to expect during the shutdown was challenging. As essential employees, we were granted access into the hospital and clinic labs to get our work done.
Norris: Obviously with covid, we had to change our daily operations. We worked from home for the majority of the year, so we wanted to look out for not just our employees but our customers as well. Working from home and not gathering in the same place every day helped us do that. On the sales side, unfortunately we had a lot less face to face meetings, but we were able to keep good communication lines open through email and zoom meetings.

April Starr

April Starr

Q: What is AIS’s biggest takeaway from this year?
Noble: We stayed the course and continued providing impeccable service and equipment. That combined with our quick adaptability to help keep everyone safe has led to better effectiveness and proficiency communicating with each other and customers for demos and applications training.
Shepherd: By the changes that were made within the company and early on, not knowing the extent of the coronavirus, it feels like we really didn’t skip a beat in being able to take care of our customers. This was something I was really worried about at first.
Starr: We have always been a face-to-face company, whether it is before a sale, during or for service after. This year, we have learned to be just as effective using online tools to get our jobs done. It has been different, and while we are excited to get back out seeing our customers in person, we have a good solution to keep moving forward until then.
Norris: I’d say the biggest takeaway is that our company can think fast and adapt to the changing times. We’ve always prided ourselves on being flexible and thinking outside the box when it comes to solving problems for our customers. I’m very pleased with the way our team adapted quickly and worked together to keep providing for all of our customers while keeping our team safe.

Tiffani Noble

Tiffani Noble

Q: What is on the horizon for 2021?
Noble: Continue to grow our network and care for our customers, so that they may provide the best care to their patients.
Shepherd: Our main goal is to continue to take care of our customers and provide the best service and sales experience no matter what happens as we move forward through 2021. I look forward to getting back to some normalcy, which I hope happens in 2021.
Starr: We will continue to look for new ways to connect with our customers while maintaining a social distance and continue to grow as a company.
Norris: We are very excited for the new year, and we look forward to continuing to grow our customer base. We also should be adding to our team as well. We will be looking to add another ultrasound engineer in the South Texas area and another nuclear medicine engineer in the Kansas area. We are very excited for the future here at AIS!

Throughout the highs and lows of 2020, AIS managed to come out successfully continuing to provide quality service and care to their customers. Happy New Year!