An Oklahoma Cardiovascular Clinic Praises AIS

By Erin Register

The Cardiovascular Health Clinic (CHC) serves the patients covering almost the entire state of Oklahoma, from the Oklahoma City metro area to Woodward, Weatherford, Chickasha, Enid, Pauls Valley and the surrounding towns.

The CHC specializes in a range of services from clinical cardiology and interventional cardiology to vascular surgery services and cardiac rhythm management, all provided by a team of highly specialized physicians.

The CHC has been an Associated Imaging Services (AIS) partner for approximately eight months, and Scott Young, nuclear medicine director and radiation safety officer, provided insight into their experience through a recent interview.

Q: What has been your service experience so far with AIS?

A: Our service has been top notch! Although our field service engineer FSE doesn’t live in Oklahoma, he is very quick to respond to any technical needs we may have. From networking to physical maintenance or parts repair, AIS has proved to be a rapid responder.

Q: Have you purchased equipment from AIS? What are the most useful features of your system?

A: We recently purchased a refurbished Siemens imaging system last fall, and that was our first purchase with AIS. We use it to acquire Myocardial Perfusion images. The system has a quick study acquisition, allowing for better patient throughput.

Q: Do you have a specific example or a time when AIS “saved the day” with a specific piece of equipment?

A: For some reason, possibly a disconnected part of the wiring harness on one of our chairs, the seat would not move the patient up or down for proper cardiac positioning. The FSE was called, and he was there to fix the wiring within a couple of days, which was acceptable for this particular issue.

Another issue occurred when the system apparently “froze up,” and nothing would work. After I placed a call to our AIS FSE, Mike Shepherd, he gave me some ideas to try, and it turned out the network cable got bumped and its connection was compromised, causing the system lock up. After a few minutes on the phone, Mike helped me fix the problem.

Q: How has their service and/or equipment affected your center?

A: With the addition of the we purchased from AIS (our second, our patient volume capacity has effectively doubled. It’s allowed us to perform up to 24 MPI’s per day, staffing permitted.

Q: How has your relationship with AIS benefited your health center?

A: The benefit of the union between the CardioVascular Health Clinic and AIS has allowed us to decrease the time a patient may have had to wait for an MPI scan at our clinic. Thereby, providing a better patient throughput and better potential patient outcomes.

Q: Would you recommend AIS to other physicians/centers?

A: Indeed, I have already recommended AIS to more than one of my nuclear medicine colleagues in the Midwest.