How AIS Has Adapted During COVID-19

By Erin Register

COVID-19 has, without a doubt, taken the world by storm and impacted every industry in the country in various ways. The entire U.S. health care system, including doctors, nurses, patients, equipment and more, has been affected tremendously by this disease. Associated Imaging Services (AIS) has been no exception to this first hand impact on the health care industry, specifically the HTM community.

AIS Vice President of Sales and Marketing Grant Norris provided insight on how AIS has adapted during the COVID-19 crisis and detailed how the company has gone above and beyond to assist clients during these unprecedented times.

“We wanted to look out for both our employees and our customers,” Norris answered when asked what precautions and procedures AIS has implemented. “Early on in this crisis, we were only taking emergency service calls. An example of that would be a customer whose equipment is down. That was the best way to protect our employees while still making sure our customers were taken care of.”

AIS also executed a “work from home” policy, which they still follow.

“Our engineers are on call from their homes, and when they have completed their work in the field, they return home instead of going back to the office,” said Norris. “This way, if any of our engineers are exposed to COVID-19, it won’t affect the whole company. We also have equipped all our employees with masks, gloves and sanitizer to make sure they are fully protected out in the field and not potentially infecting others.”

Norris also spoke about AIS’s current staffing situation.

“We have not had any staff changes. We have been fortunate enough to keep everyone working,” Norris stated. “Being a small, local company, we are blessed in the fact that we were able to keep all of our valued employees employed.”

Like any other company during this pandemic, AIS has faced challenges, while finding a way to overcome them. Grant noted, “Working from home has been a challenge and has been something that has taken some getting used to. We have a couple of Zoom meetings each week to touch base to see how things are going and how everyone is doing.”

AIS has been able to not only adapt to the current climate, but it has also been able to find ways to help others.

“We have donated masks and gloves to some customers that were short on supply and reached out to us,” Norris said. “We also offered some online/virtual applications for a couple customers that had strict guidelines of having vendors out in their facility. This allowed us to help them without any human contact.”

AIS continues to be a dedicated and committed resource for its customers and their needs. For more information on AIS, please contact us today.