Southwest Medical Center Highlights Its Mediso AnyScan

By Erin Register

Located in Liberal, Kansas, Southwest Medical Center (SWMC) operates as a not-for-profit acute care hospital with the mission statement “We care.” SWMC serves the five-state region of Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado and Texas. They offer several imaging services, including CT, CT angio, MRI, MR angio, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, 3D mammography, bone densitometry (dexa scans), radiology and fluoroscopy exams. SWMC also has four clinics that offer limited ultrasounds – OB/GYN, urology, general surgery and orthopedics.

SWMC Director of Diagnostic Imaging Kelly Denton has been an AIS customer since 2004. Denton and SWMC nuclear medicine tech Amber Lindars collaborated to highlight their Mediso AnyScan nuclear medicine camera, which was purchased and is serviced by Associated Imaging Services (AIS), in a question-and-answer session.

Q: How long have you had your Mediso AnyScan? What has been your experience so far?
A: It was installed in 2014, and SWMC is very proud to have the Mediso camera. We love it. It has been a solid system with little to no downtime. Out of all the camera systems, the AnyScan is the easiest to learn and change on the fly and has high-quality images in my opinion.

Q: What are the most useful features of your system?
A: Geometric planning is great for getting dead-on spots after a whole body bone scan. The direct step-to-step flow can be set up or taken away on the fly. It’s very easy to change or add steps in the middle of protocols. You can do body contouring or “no motion” to freeze the detectors in place. There’s virtually no count rate saturation which increases the counts measured since it is hard to paralyze the system. This makes for a better first pass in flow study. It’s also easy to add different energy maps, and there’s remote support!

Q: How has having this system affected your center?
A: Having this system has definitely benefited our patients. We moved from a single head to a dual head, which decreased the time most patients have to lay on the table. This also allows us to perform more exams per day as needed. The increased weight limit has also benefited SWMC, allowing us to not turn away patients. The prior camera weight limit was 350 pounds, and the Mediso is 505 pounds.

We are also able to achieve high-quality images and virtually no downtime since the system was installed. The only major downtime was due to a software upgrade, and we were only down for two unplanned days. AIS and Hungary were totally on top of bringing it back up and running, so our patients didn’t have to travel. Being in a rural community, staying up and running is critical.

Q: What other products have you purchased from AIS?
A: We purchased ultrasound units for our clinics including urology, general surgery and orthopedics. We recently issued a purchase order for another ultrasound in our OB/GYN clinic.

Q: What has your PM service experience been like with AIS?
A: AIS has been awesome and spot on with service and preventative maintenance. They are on top of all quarterly PMs and updates. Remote access allows for quick fixes, which is great. Their staff is always courteous, friendly and professional. They know this camera system and respond immediately whenever we have any issues. They have overnighted us parts whenever we had an issue with ours so they could fix ours, and we wouldn’t be down and could continue scanning. They always do a great job and take care of us.

Q: How has your relationship with AIS benefited your health center?
A: They are quick to respond by phone for issues and do their best to remotely fix or diagnose issues. Being in far Southwest Kansas gives a bit of a disadvantage as far as onsite service engineers, but AIS takes really great care of us. Their quick responses and “outside of the box” thinking and solutions have led us to little unplanned downtime.

Q: Would you recommend AIS to other physicians/centers?
A: Absolutely, the AIS team we work with is wonderful. Grant is there for all of our needs. Mark is there to support Grant and SWMC. Mike is an amazing service engineer and takes care of us quickly. Carla keeps all of our paperwork in order, which is a big deal with the Joint Commission! April has been a great help installing our ultrasound in the clinic and training clinic staff.