Stork Vision – Woodlands/Frisco, TX Provides Positive Outlook on AIS Service

By Erin Register

Stork Vision Provides Positive Outlook on AIS ServiceBrook Makowsky is the owner of Stork Vision in both The Woodlands, Texas and Frisco, Texas. Stork Vision provides limited diagnostic prenatal ultrasounds, including 2D/3D/4D/HD.

“It has been awesome to work with Brook and she is amazing with her customers,” said Tiffani Noble, AIS Sales Representative and Applications Specialist. “Her storefronts Stork Vision- The Woodlands and Stork Vision-Frisco offer the most inviting space to help expectant mothers, along with their families and friends, bond with babies in a relaxing and stress-free environment. With all of the new Covid restrictions in physicians’ offices limiting the number of guests, this service is valued more than ever before.”

Brook recently purchased two new Mindray DC-70 X-Insight systems from Associated Imaging Services for both of her stores. The Mindray DC-70 with X-Insight offers great high-end features like A.I. and the reliability of the Mindray name but without the price tag that you might see compared to competitors.

During the installation of both systems, one unit was not working correctly. AIS quickly sprang into action and delivered a loaner system to Brook so that she could stay operational while AIS looked into the faulty unit. After more diagnostics on the unit, the system still was not quite right, so AIS worked with Mindray to have a brand new replacement system delivered to the customer.

Makowsky provided more insight into her experience with AIS in a question-and-answer interview.

Q: How long has AIS been servicing your equipment? What has been your experience so far?
A: I have been in business with AIS since October of 2020, and they have all been AMAZING through the entire process.

Q: What piece(s) of equipment have you purchased from AIS? What has your experience been so far?
A: I have purchased two of the Mindray DC70 units. Though GE is the gold standard for OB, Mindray makes a very good, cost effective alternative.

Q: What are the most useful features of your system(s)?
A: The most useful feature for my business is the smartface HD live technology. It simply cuts down on the number of redos and gets results when we otherwise would not.

Q: How has having this system affected your center?
A: We have been able to give our community the peace of mind of seeing their baby, thereby reducing the stress on expectant mothers.

Q: How has your relationship with AIS benefited your health center?
A: I would have been up a creek without a paddle so to speak without the help of AIS. They saved me from a terrible purchase through another company that did not offer a demo in my area!

Q: Would you recommend AIS to other physicians/centers?
A: I would ABSOLUTELY recommend AIS to other companies and physicians. The entire staff goes above and beyond to make sure everything is right.

Noble went onto say “at AIS we like to identify our customers’ needs and find solutions, we consider our customers part of our working family and want to do whatever possible to keep them successful too. Brook’s situation was unique and the outcome has been outstanding. I look forward to working with Brook for many years to come & I hope she’s enjoyed working with us as much as we’ve enjoyed working with her.”