Employee Profile: Owen Charboneau

By John Wallace

Associated Imaging Services Inc. Nuclear Field Service Engineer Owen Charboneau has worked at AIS close to six years. He will officially hit the six-year mark in October.

“When I first started, I was a Warehouse Logistics Specialist. I completed schooling while at AIS and have since been promoted to Nuclear Field Service Engineer,” Charboneau explains.

Career growth is one benefit he has enjoyed at AIS. We asked him some questions to find out more about him and AIS.

Q: What do you enjoy the most about your job?

Charboneau: I would have to say there are lots of things I like about my job and that is what makes AIS so great. I work with great people. We all want to serve each other and our customers. We have a fun environment to work in. I also enjoy working on the equipment and traveling around to all our sites. This job also gives you a sense of satisfaction when you can get your customer’s equipment going again so they can go on to help save lives and make a difference. This job also gives you the opportunity to work for the Lord and give Him the glory for it.

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time when not serving as a Field Service Engineer?

Charboneau: I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I love serving them and helping them in any way I can. I enjoy serving my church and building relationships. I like going to sporting events and traveling. I also like working through projects and learning new things, lifting weights, watching movies, and having fun with my wife and daughter.

Q: Can you tell me about your family? How did your parents influence you?

Charboneau: I have three brothers and one sister. I am third in line so I’m right in the middle. So far, my parents and siblings are all in Wichita or the surrounding area. I grew up in a big family and have gained many more family members after marrying my wife and that has been great! I would have to say my parents influenced me to work hard, never quit and to do it with honesty and integrity and to be a good example while doing it.

Q: Who is your spouse and how long have you been married?

Charboneau: My wonderful wife’s name is Emily. We have been married 4 ½ years. We have one child. She is a year and four months old, and her name is Piper.

Q: How do you describe your job/duties/role at AIS in your own words?

Charboneau: I travel around the Midwest servicing nuclear medicine gamma cameras. I try to be a jack of all trades and be flexible to help in any area I can to help our company and our customers. I also pitch in trying to make our warehouse state of the art and easy for all our employees to navigate and to prepare for the future. I also try my best to build relationships with our vendors and fellow service engineers and our customers. I also try to learn lots of different cameras to understand them better and so we can continue servicing more customers and look to the future for AIS.

Q: Finally, is there anything you want to add or share with those who receive the AIS newsletter?

Charboneau: We are here to serve you and we are committed to providing great service. We appreciate all our relationships and customers.

Find more about the AIS team at aismedical.com/about-ais/meet-the-team.