Kelly Denton – Ultrasound Service

AIS has provided our Ultrasound service since April 2005. Their service has been excellent and professional at all times. They are able to assist with problems over the phone, and do not hesitate to jump in the car and drive 4 hours to my facility when needed.

Muhammad Khan

“I have purchased my last two ultrasound systems through MES to help expand my practice. Both systems have been very reliable and have helped me achieve my goal. I would highly recommend purchasing your next ultrasound system from MES.”

Jennifer Schley

Our practice purchased the Mindray DC-8 3D/4D system from AIS. We feel that this machine is comparable to our GE Voluson E8 and have been very pleased with the excellent image resolution and ease of use of the Mindray.

Karen Bubb

The Cardiovascular Sonography program at Oklahoma State University in Oklahoma City is a highly competitive and growing program. We contacted AIS to help us find affordable, high quality, cost effective ultrasound systems and they really delivered! We ended up...

Brooke Ward

The Alpinion machines have been ideal in our student lab setting.  The functionality is fantastic for those learning to run an ultrasound machine.  Because of its strengths in so many areas, you can cover a wide range of patients with the same machine.   This is...