WiSonic Navi Ultrasound System Offers Great Features

The experts at WiSonic endeavored to deliver the future of ultrasound to present day by focusing on every detail of image resolution and system design. Combining tablet ease of use with unprecedented imaging, the Navi offers a combination no other system can match. Navi makes difficult imaging tasks as simple as operating a smartphone.

Navi was built on a Holo platform which features a 64 times beamforming processor and up to 5,000 frames per second. Paired with multiple shared service presets, the Navi is able to fine tune imaging to each user’s specific needs. With a 19-inch, high-resolution screen, Navi lets you see what you want, in a format as large as you want.

AIS Applications Specialist April Starr said the Wisonic Navi Ultrasound System stands out among some other systems.

“The Navi has one of the longest battery lives in the industry which makes it great for use in the IR suite where outlets and space are a challenge,” she said. “Pair that with the largest touchscreen, 19 inches, remote buttons on probes, and a very impressive height adjustment and this system is hard to beat in a POC setting.”

She added that technologists and imaging professionals have shared positive feedback

“The image quality and functionality on the Navi has made it easy for mid-level and physician users to feel confident in their skills,” she said.

“The Holo platform is a beam forming process that allows the system to have very high frame rates which improves the image quality from near field to far field. Software driven beam forming has allowed ultrasound to take the next step in image quality,” Starr explained. “The Navi comes with a built-in professional education platform called wiLearn that is specifically designed to help increase knowledge on many standard procedures.”

Key features of the WiSonic Navi Ultrasound System include:

  • 19-inch touch screen; industry’s largest screen with multi-gesture
  • Electric height adjustable; one button height adjustment with 12-inch height range
  • Whole day duration battery; continuous scan for more than 7 hours, independent battery duration display, and retractable cord design
  • wiNeedle™ Intelligent Enhance Real-time detection, automatic beam steer, intelligent needle shaft and tip enhance
  • Dedicated probe holder for disinfection
  • wiLearn Education Center
  • Smart button design available on multiple transducers

For more information, visit our Wisonic Navi Ultrasound System page.